5 Reasons why Garage Cleanup is Super Important


Many people overlook their garage during cleaning, which is very wrong. First of all, it should be clean the same as any other room because of hygiene. Also, cleaning will provide additional space in your garage that you can use as a storage space. But, let’s go slowly through each reason on why regular garage cleanup is super important.

Clutter often results in costly damages

Keeping dangerous objects in your garage can cause various accidents, such as fires and leakage that could potentially affect the entire home. Plus, a cluttered, dirty garage can attract rodents. These animals will chew your items, including the ones that are still useful. What’s even worse, due to this and similar problems, you can lose your documents and other papers or licenses. Hence, a messy garage often leads to costly damages, and you should prevent such things from happening by cleaning your garage space regularly.

Lowers the risk of injuries

Minimizing injury possibilities within your home is essential, especially if you have kids. The very first step is to keep your house and garage clean. By leaving objects, clothes, and other items to lie around, you’ll maximize the hazard of trip and fall accidents. On top of that, most people have stacks of containers and other items stored in the garage. These things could easily fall on someone and cause an injury. Therefore, organizing your garage (and home) space, and getting rid of the mess, will massively minimize the risk of injuries.

Clean space = clear mind

A messy garage irritates most people unless you like living and working in “creative chaos,” or however you prefer to call it. For all other people, clutter is the enemy of space organization. So, cleaning your garage and getting rid of all unwanted items provides a great, positive feeling. Also, your brain will work better, and there will be no mess to distract you any longer. And finally, when you finish cleaning your garage, you will realize that there is much more storage space than you thought.

Less stress and more enjoyment

Messy home space can cause stress for some people. It entirely makes sense because, as we mentioned, clean space can positively affect the brain and mood. Therefore, to achieve such a state of mind, you have to get rid of the stress by organizing your garage and home space. Regularly doing small things, such as doing the dishes, making your bed, or sweeping, is enough to make your home appear clean. The same happens with your garage – clean it, at least, once or twice a week, and you will feel the enjoyment, as well as less stress.

The right usage of your garage space

Once you get rid of the clutter, you’ll have a whole space available to you. Now, it is time to think about creative ways of using the garage space. For instance, you can place some old furniture in there, or even park one more vehicle (if you have that much space, of course). Options are various, and that’s precisely why regular cleaning of your garage space opens so many possibilities. But, there’s one more thing.


Renovation of your garage space is also significant. From time to time, you should improve your area and put some new stuff in there. But, what should be the starting point in the renovation process? Most of the time, it should be your floor.

Although many people still choose epoxy or polyurea, these options are not recommended because they are bad for our health. Instead, it would be best if you went for a healthier alternative that is, on top of that, more durable, less costly, and requires less preparation. Yes, Ecodur provides it all.

Lifetime Green Coatings

We are free to say that our coating is the world’s only natural solution that is, at the same time, super durable and strong. If you were ever close to epoxy materials, you know how awful it smells. It is not the case with our coating since it is 100% natural. Besides, it requires only a little preparation (sweeping), and because of fast cure times, you can walk on it within a few hours. And finally, our Ecodur is NSF-61 certified for use in grow facilities. 


Garage deserves maximum care, the same as every other room in your house. As we mentioned, regular cleaning provides multiple benefits. However, in case of renovation, it is always good to start with changing your floor. The only natural option that is strong and durable at the same time is Lifetime’s Ecodur.